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The IMO has recently developed technical and operational measures aimed at enhancing shipping environmental efficiency, i.e. the EEDI and the EEOI, respectively. The purpose of this exploratory research work is to investigate the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology as a complementary tool to these metrics, capable of not only serving as a widespread accepted environmental performance indicator, but also able to competently highlight energy efficiency. The EEDI and EEOI methodology is reviewed, while also using two case vessels as sample implementation case studies. An LCA model formulation is developed and also applied on the two case studies, utilising them for validation, and additionally for comparing the LCA approach to the IMO regulatory metrics. One of the case vessels comprises the evaluation of a proposed retrofit, in order to emphasise on the different metrics' potential to assess changes in the results, with regards to the retrofit's before and after phases.


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GTIN 9783659817465

Release Date 10.12.2018

Language English

Pages 288

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An Investigation into LCA as a Complementary Utility

to Regulatory Measures of Shipping Energy Efficiency

Eduardo Blanco-Davis


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