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From the Author of "Handbook of Inspiration Economy". This book covers insights of future coming governments visions, strategies, processes, practices, services, in inspiration based economy. The author focuses first on the history of governments' productivity with direct focus on competitiveness. The concept of scarcity and abundance in the practices of government are compared to inspiring governments. The book argues about the importance of 'inspiring government' in the near future for better stability and sustainable reviving society. Inspiration role in creating lean, learning, innovative, quality of life governments are being compared. Inspirational competitiveness and government innovation are discussed in relevance to building more agile and totally engaged governments. The book discusses the mechanisms and sources of inspiration in government and even give examples on indicators. The citizens' expectations and mind-set during an inspiration based economy are also reviewed. The book is full of examples of future expected practices of inspiring governments which serves as a kick start for further studies in this area.


Author Mohamed Buheji

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GTIN 9783659885181

Language English

Pages 172

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.66 x 5.91  inches

Inspiring Governments

Mohamed Buheji


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