Environmental Niche Modelling

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Betascript Publishing Environmental Niche Modelling
Betascript Publishing - Environmental Niche Modelling

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Environmental niche modelling (alternatively known as ecological niche modelling, or simply niche modelling) refers to the process of using computer algorithms to generate predictive maps of species distributions in geographic space on the basis of a mathematical representation of their known or inferred distributions in environmental space, utilizing base data layers that summarize the spatial distribution of the environmental parameters considered in the model (such as temperature, altitude, wind stress, ocean depth, days of ice cover, water chemistry and so on). Such information may be of interest for a number of requirements, including interpolating between limited available data records; studying the divergence between actual and potential distributions (for example, the potential spread of invasive species once introduced to a new area, or the area once occupied by a species prior to exploitation by humans); as well as possible alterations to species ranges in the light of changing climatic or other factors.

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