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Soil acidification is emerging as environmental problem due to its effect on agricultural productivity, biodiversity and water quality. It is a natural process escalated by mismanagement of agricultural practices. Soil acidity affect agricultural productivity through elemental toxicity and reducing bioavaliblity of nutrients. However, soil management make a difference inthe diference land use systems.For instancce, Backyard home garden soils have less acidic character as compared to cuntinous cultivated fields. Mono plantation also ehance soil acidification processes. The first step to diagnosis the increase in acidity could by timely testing of increase in soil pH. The soil acidity can be managed through use of agricultural lime, selection of aluminium tolerant species, wise use of organic fertilizers in the form of appropriately prpared compost. Generally invistigation and identification of best management options for soil acidity is required.


Author Tessema Genanew Jember

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Soil Acidity and its management practices in Different Land use Types

Soil acidification and Management Practices in the different land Uses

Tessema Genanew Jember


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