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American CIA agent David Tallman is haunted by flashbacks of the hideous torture back in 1962 by a spy agency that strikes like a cobra. Not much has changed by 1985, and now Tallman's espionage experience and talents are needed for something special. He is assigned the leadership of a group of agents with unusual skills. While the relations between the US and Russia do remain tense, there is evidence of a strong dissident movement within the Soyuz itself. And the US intends to help the dissidents bring Democracy in Russia. Tallman's group is assigned that special task. Although the agents in his group do use the traditional espionage in their work, there are a few who successfully experimented with the use of mind control as a tool for surveillance and as a weapon for assassination and torture. These shadowy figures can observe anyone at any time, anywhere in the world and communicate with them, thus influencing their behavior, and can cause changes of direction in the world events. The background for this fictitious story is based on the results of the actual experiments with telepathy, clairvoyance and the related at several world renown universities.


Author Steven Nedelton

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GTIN 9783659470400

Language English

Pages 324

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.66 x 5.91  inches

Dance of Shadows

Dangerous Trade

Steven Nedelton


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