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En el Berlín de 1943 pocos vieron su cara, y nadie supo su nombre. Entre susurros era conocido como Der Schattenmann, La Sombra, un despiadado delator judío que colaboraba con la Gestapo.

En el Berlín de 1943, nadie conocía el nombre de La Sombra. Pero ser visto por este judío despiadado era sinónimo de muerte: colaboraba con la Gestapo en la identificación y delación de otros ciudadanos judíos para condenarlos a los campos de exterminio.

En el Miami de finales del siglo XX, la deprimente vida de Simon Winter - retirado de la Brigada de Homicidios de la Policía- da un giro inesperado cuando su aterrorizada vecina llama a la puerta de su apartamento. Sophie, superviviente del Holocausto, cree haber visto a La Sombra. A la mañana siguiente, aparece estrangulada, con los ojos desorbitados de terror.

La policía supone que se trata de un asesinato más, pero Winter sabe la terrible verdad: un escurridizo asesino está eliminando a los supervivientes del Holocausto que viven en Miami. Tras años de retiro, Simon debe vérselas con un experto y sádico exterminador que pretende mantener su historia oculta para siempre.


When it comes to intricate, fast-paced excitement and edge-of-your-seat suspense, John Katzenbach is a master of the game. Now Katzenbach has created another shocking page-turner, and a villain as monstrous as evil itself: The Shadow Man.

Berlin, 1943. Few saw his face; none knew his name. In whispered circles he was known only as Der Schattenmann, a merciless ""catcher"" for the Nazis. He was there in the darkness when they came for you, and he would be there, smiling, when the trains took you away in the morning gloom to Auschwitz....

Miami Beach, present day. Retired homicide detective Simon Winter is living out his golden years in dejected solitude. But his life takes an urgent turn when his neighbor, Sophie Millstein, appears at his door trembling in fear. She has seen a ghost...a demon from her past, Der Schattenmann. But he isn't just a nightmare--he's real--and his icy stare cuts through her like a razor. The next morning, Sophie is found strangled, her eyes locked open in terror.

The police think it's just another homicide. But Winter knows the horrifying truth: an elusive, anonymous killer is stalking Holocaust survivors in Miami, silently creeping through the hot city. Now, after years of retirement, Winter once again hits the streets. And together with Walter Robinson, a committed black detective, and Espy Martinez, a sharp, driven Latino prosecutor, he will match wits with a sadistically smooth expert on death who lives for the thrill of the hunt, tortures for the rush of power, and murders to keep himself, and his history, hidden forever....

Riveting in its suspense, chilling in its evocation of the evil of times past, unforgettable in its characters and settings, The Shadow Man will hold you enthralled from first sentence to last."


Author John Katzenbach

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GTIN 9788490703946

Release Date 14.02.2018

Language Spanish

Pages 456

Original Title The Shadow Man

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.58 x 5.55 x 1.02  inches

Product Weight 14.74 ounces

La sombra

John Katzenbach


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