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Conger, Cristen Unladylike
Conger, Cristen - Unladylike

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A funny, fact-driven, and illustrated field guide to how to live a feminist life in today's world, from the hosts of the hit Unladylike podcast.

Get ready to get unladylike with this field guide to the what's, why's, and how's of intersectional feminism and practical hell-raising. Through essential, inclusive, and illustrated explorations of what patriarchy looks like in the real world, authors and podcast hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin blend wild histories, astounding stats, social justice principles, and self-help advice to connect where the personal meets political in our bodies, brains, booty calls, bank accounts, and other confounding facets of modern woman-ing and nonbinary-ing. By laying out the uneven terrain of double-standards, head games, and handouts patriarchy has manspread across society for ages, Unladylike is here to unpack our gender baggage and map out the space that's ours to claim.


Conger, Cristen
Ervin, Caroline

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Regardless of who we are, what we look like, and how many advantages life has dropped in our laps, none of us is immune to patriarchy s ladylike claptrap. Guys get entitlement, gals get objectified, and nonbinary folks get dehumanized and worse. Like a broken record, women are still incentivized to be sexy (but not slutty), beauty-conscious (but not vain), motherly (but not smothering), and presidential (but not mannish). If we don t care to dare those tightropes? How selfish. So shrill. Just sad. Regardless of whether men are literally in charge, we all can internalize sexist preferences and put-downs like a contact high or low. 

Once you spot sexist species, summon patience. It might take more time, headspace, and digging to figure out where it came from and why it won t just die already. That s why this guide exists! The only women patriarchy fears more than unladylike women are persistent unladylike women. We re flies in the ointment, harpies at the frat house, and pussies grabbing back. Likeability, attractiveness, and class aren t our currencies, but we re far from bankrupt. So long as we re gutsy enough to get loud, loose, and livid, unladylike witches do what it takes to smash the patriarchy that stands in our way.

At its core, this is a field guide to the patriarchal creepy crawlies that stand between you and the autonomous, safe, compassionate person you were put on this planet to be. To be clear, this isn t about magical makeovers (though we love a good makeover montage). Our unladylike feminism in action applies to  all major facets of our lives: brains, bodies, besties, wardrobes, work goals, wife roles, hookups, and f*ckups. No space is exempt, or topic taboo. 

We ll reveal modern patriarchy s many disguises and what to do when its influencing, privileging, and profiteering slithers into your home, school, work, and even your mirror. You ll pick up some practical feminist life hacks as well as tips for detoxing from the sexist myths, mindsets, and stereotypes culture constantly force-feeds us. Exactly what that means will be different for everyone. Maybe you ll smash a stiletto through glass ceilings, cure Silicon Valley sexism, or volunteer for a rape crisis hotline who knows? By the time we ve arrived on the last page, we ll have mapped out a ready-to-go battle plan for finding your tribe, rising up, and pushing back together.

That includes us, your authors, Cristen and Caroline. We ve likewise found ourselves in all sorts of anxious quicksand, booby traps, and oops-I-did-it-again mudslides. We ve been bad feminists, catty coworkers, and crazy ex-girlfriends. It happens. We also understand firsthand how easy it is to feel decidedly unexceptional, unworthy, and unhopeful about our potential to make the inside-out change we want to see in ourselves the environments around us. That s why it s our mission to present social justice self-help as intersectionally as possible, make clear the limits of our firsthand perspectives, and stay grounded in the truth that we re all works in progress.

We ve been obsessively researching and podcasting about all things gender and feminism for the better part of a decade, and despite witnessing all sorts of rapid progress, there s been no handy guide that holistically addresses what top-to-bottom, brains-to-butt-hair, inclusive feminist living can look like regardless of who you are. Unladylike is the hell-raising how-to y all deserve the one we wish we d had while learning to crawl as baby feminists years ago, fresh out of college and sideswiped by professional sexism. We ve packed it with judgment-free, age-unrestricted, gender-creative perspectives and pro-tips for adventur
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CRISTEN CONGER is a former senior staff writer and host for HowStuffWorks.com and co-creator of the hit podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You. She is a contributing writer for Refinery29, and her writing has appeared on Jezebel, Huffington Post Women, MSNBC, and ABC News. CAROLINE ERVIN is a podcast host and former editor at HowStuffWorks.com. She has a journalism background and researches and speaks on issues of sexuality, health, history, and pop culture--all through the lens of feminism and gender. Their new podcast, Unladylike, launch in Janaury 2018 as part of Midroll Media's Earwolf network.

TYLER FEDER is an illustrator and comedy writer. She has illustrated for Netflix, Comedy Central, and ESPN, and her work has been featured in Glamour and Brigitte magazines.
Praise for the Unladylike podcast:
While there are plenty of discussion-based feminist podcasts out there, few have figured out how to combine storytelling and interviews with social justice. Unladylike is perhaps the first to succeed.

"Gritty, wildly informative, and informed: a must-have feminist survival guide for the Trump era."
- STARRED Kirkus Review

[A] smart, sassy field guide for feminists. . . . Unapologetic and witty, this work is a great choice for followers of Jennifer Baumgardner and Roxane Gay but will also appeal to young adults and graphic novel fans.
- STARRED Library Journal Review

This book is truly special. Not only do the authors present the problems, but they also offer potential solutions and inspirational tools that are so crucial in driving the conversation forward. Their charming tone combined with the incisively detailed breakdown of all the ways in which the patriarchy affects women make Unladylike a must-read.
Morgan Jerkins, author of This Will Be My Undoing
"Unladylike is super smart, engaging, challenging, wildly necessary, and also really fun to look at. Can I please buy a million copies and spend my days traveling the country, handing them out to everyone I meet, on an epic patriarchy-smashing road trip? Anyone wanna join me?" 
Kate Schatz, author of Rad American Women A Z, Rad Women Worldwide, and Rad Girls Can

"I cannot think of a friendlier or more delightful primer on women's history, gender, and body awareness, and of course patriarchy-smashing than Unladylike."
Andi Zeisler, cofounder of Bitch Media

Unladylike is badass and punchy. Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin take everything you know about feminism and amplify it to its most intersectional promise with cheerful infographics and illustrated life advice. Unladylike shines a light on the seriousness of being a woman in the world, without losing the gleeful ferment of modern feminism.
Audrey Gelman, cofounder and CEO of The Wing

Everyone needs this book on their shelf immediately.  
Jessamyn Stanley, author of Every Body Yoga

Unladylike is chock-full of funny and smart advice, illustrations, and infographics for young women. This book serves as a great introduction to academic feminism and intersectionality, but makes you feel like you re talking with your coolest aunt.
Rachel Ignotofsky, author of Women in Science and Women in Sports

"Unladylike puts into words so much about gender, power, and the patriarchy that I knew but could never really articulate, and taught me things I had never considered. It's a great book for anyone who wants to learn to navigate and fight against oppressive structures in an unladylike way--whether they identify as a lady or not."
Jaya Saxena, coauthor of Basic Witches
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