Visual Attention Mechanisms

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Springer US Visual Attention Mechanisms
Springer US - Visual Attention Mechanisms

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Proceedings of the Fifth International School on Neural Networks "E.R. Caianiello" on Visual Attention MechaProceedings of the Fifth International School on Neural Networks "E.R. Caianiello" on Visual Attention Mechanisms, held 23-28 October 2000 in Vietri sul Mare, Italy.nisms, held 23-28 October 2000 in Vietri sul Mare, Italy.

The book covers a number of broad themes relevant to visual attention, ranging from computer vision to psychology and physiology of vision. The main theme of the book is the attention processes of vision systems and it aims to point out the analogies and the divergences of biological vision with the frameworks introduced by computer scientists in artificial vision.

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X, 283 p.
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Foundations: Visual Attention and the Parallel Visual Pathways; C.A. Marzi. Early Vision and Soft Computing; V. Di Gesù. Psychophysical Measurement of Attentional Modulation in Low-Level Vision Using the Lateral-Interactions Paradigm; E. Freeman, J. Driver, D. Sagi. Log-map Analysis; L. Lombardi, M. Porta. Visual Attention Mechanisms in Motion Analysis; V. Roberto. Bottom-up and Top-Down Mechanisms; E. Pessa. Saliency and Figure-Ground Effects; Z.P. Li. Model-Based Attention Fixation using Log-Polar Images; A. Bernardino, J. Santos-Victor, G. Sandini. Temporally Faithful Representations of Salient Stimulus Movement Patterns in the Early Visual System; A. Thiel, S.D. Wilke, M. Geschner, M. Bongard, J. Ammermüller, C.W. Eurich, H. Schwegler. Attentional Engagements: Fuzzy Engagements Mechanisms; M. Piastra. Pop-Out Theory: Segmentation Without Classification by the Primary Visual Cortex; Z.P. Li. Stimulus-Driven and Goal-Directed Attentional Control; S. Yantis. Eye Movement Analysis During Visual Exploration of Graphical Interfaces; D. Zambarbieri, C. Robino, S. Ramat. Visual Search: Neural Mechanisms of Attentional Control; S. Yantis. Symmetry in Computer Vision; V. Di Gesù. Spatial Size Limits in Stereoscopic Vision; B.Y. Schlesinger, Y. Yeshurun. Multiresolution and Planning: The Complexity of Visual Search Tasks; J.K. Tsotsos. Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Selective Visuo-Spatial Attention on Visual Field Defects in Patients with Cerebral Lesions; D. Poggel, E. Kasten, E.M. Müller-Oehring, B.A. Sabel. On Designing Moiré Patterns; G. Lebanon, A. Bruckstein. Connectionist Models of Attentional Processing; E.Pessa. Attentional Visual Architectures: Neurobiological Models of Visual Attention; J.K. Tsotsos. The Selective Tuning Model for Visual Attention; J.K. Tsotsos. Multiresolution and Associative Representation of Objects; A. Mérigot. Attentional Pyramid Neural Mechanisms; A. Petrosino. Index.
Cantoni, Virginio;Cantoni
Marinaro, Maria;Marinaro
Petrosino, Alfredo;Petrosino
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31 January 2003
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