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Articles 408 and 421 of the Peace Treaty of Versailles and Article 35 of the revised International Labour Organisation (ILO) constitution mandated ILO members to extend the provisions of adopted conventions to their colonies as much as local conditions permitted. Consequently, the influence of ILO had manifested on Nigeria's labour and social policies before she became independent and a member of the organisation on 17th October 1960. Nigeria was the 87th member of the Organisation. This book takes a critical look at the contributions of ILO to the economic development of Nigeria. This examination has become imperative in view of the stated aims,obligations and purposes of the ILO vis-a-vis Nigeria's deplorable socio-economic rating. Nigeria has remained a developing country in spite of years of association with ILO.ILO,had put in place measures to overcome poverty, child labour, unemployment, labour crises which are fundamental socio-economic problems in contemporary Nigeria. Could it be that the ILO standards and machinery are not suitable for the development of a developing country like Nigeria? Or is the implementation of ILO instruments in Nigeria faulty?


Author Kayode Momodu

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Nigeria and the International Labour Organisation 1945-1993

Contributions of Ilo to the Socio-economic Development of Nigeria

Kayode Momodu


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