Eraserheads: A Hood Misfits Novel

by Brick
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Brick Eraserheads: A Hood Misfits Novel
Brick - Eraserheads: A Hood Misfits Novel

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In Brick & Storm's Hood Misfits series, the motto is ENGA: Every nigga got an agenda, and in this tale, things are no different. Everyone has a secret.

What do you do when your work is used against you? This is a question that Auto, leader of the Eraserheads, faces when an unforeseen and dangerous situation wreaks havoc on everything he's built. It's up to him and his right hand, Code, along with their team of expert car thieves to figure out who's behind the attacks on their livelihood. When a crafty con woman named Smiley and a mysterious businessman named Boots step onto the scene, every player becomes a pawn in a war that is taking over The Trap.

Experience the behind-the-scenes world of illegal racketeering, identity theft, and more in another Hood Misfits tale that will turn the very meaning of ENGA upside down. Step into the life of an Eraserhead.



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Popular urban writers Brick & Storm hit the literary world running with their gritty, true-to-life series, Hood Misfits. They followed up with another series, The Syndicate, proving that they could take their writing to the next level with a mob-themed mystery thriller. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the street-lit duo has been a team since their teens. Each one grew up living the many stories they write about, until they grew to find love in writing. Aiming to share their experiences through their action-packed writing, Brick & Storm have been working to give back to their community while creating memorable stories and characters who forever stick with their readers.
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Paperback book
Release date:
27 September 2018
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0.21 x 0.138 x 0.02 m; 0.263 kg
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