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Analytical chemistry had been of a prime importance in this millennium and still continued to attain the improved level of sophistication. It is an important branch of chemistry which not only attains its broadness in its application but also requires a focused and methodical approach. Extreme miniaturization of techniques with high throughput analysis has extended its vital importance in various industrialized sector like oil, petroleum, thermal, hydro, mining, and many more improvements in pharma sector and the world environment fields. This book would be useful for the beginner's as well as the readers irrespective of their ages, to meet their requirement for attaining the basic detailed knowledge for various Analytical methods like Titration, Gravimetric, Chromatography, Atomic absorption and emission techniques with their applications. Despite such varied advances in multiple fields, the necessity for, skilled analytical chemists, would require to further continue for the probable future and its importance in clearing the concepts of the universities and colleges students across the globe.


Author Sujit Sarkar

Author Ashish Kumar Gupta

Author Ramesh Kumar

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GTIN 9786202076869

Release Date 22.12.2017

Language English

Pages 168

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.66 x 5.91  inches

An Overview on Analytical chemistry

Fundamental and potential applications of various analytical techniques in applied science

Sujit Sarkar

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