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The entire range of the developmental processes in plants is regulated by a shift in the hormonal concentration, tissue sensitivity and their interaction with the factors operating around them. Out of the recognized hormones, attention has largely been focused on five - Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinin, Abscisic acid and Ethylene. However, the information about the most recent group of phytohormone (Brassinosteroids) has been incorporated in this book. This volume includes a selection of newly written, integrated, illustrated reviews describing our knowledge of Brassinosteroids and aims to describe them at the present time. Various chapters incorporate both theoretical and practical aspects and may serve as baseline information for future researches through which significant developments are possible. This book will be useful to the students, teachers and researchers, both in universities and research institutes, especially in relation to biological and agricultural sciences.


This volume features a selection of newly written and illustrated reviews describing our contemporary knowledge of brassinosteroids. Incorporating both theoretical and practical aspects, the chapters aim to inspire future research and development in the field.


Editor Aquil Ahmad

Editor Shamsul Hayat

Editor Aqil Ahmad

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Release Date 02.11.2010

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Brassinosteroids: A Class of Plant Hormone

Shamsul Hayat


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