Essentials of Biochemistry

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Herbert Fromm Essentials of Biochemistry
Herbert Fromm - Essentials of Biochemistry

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This textbook, Essentials of Biochemistry is aimed at chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate students and first year biochemistry graduate students. It incorporates the lectures of the authors given to students with a strong chemistry background. An emphasis is placed on metabolism and reaction mechanisms and how they are studied. As the title of the book implies, the text lays the basis for an understanding of the fundamentals of biochemistry.


From the reviews:
"Essentials of biochemistry is aimed at undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry students with a specific interest in the subjects of cellular metabolism and enzyme reaction mechanisms. ... book covers chemical concepts such as stereochemistry, oxidation and reduction reactions, chemical kinetics and reaction mechanisms. It also provides good examples to illustrate these concepts. ... is well organised and illustrated, and clearly written throughout, making these complex subjects easier to understand for an undergraduate reader. ... it would be a very useful addition to any biochemistry student's library." (Ann Dixon, Chemistry World, December, 2012)


With its primary focus on the chemical, rather than the biological aspects of biochemistry, this textbook goes back to basics and offers students with some knowledge of organic chemistry a detailed explanation of metabolism and reaction mechanisms.


Author Mark Hargrove

Author Herbert J. Fromm

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