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Architects often ask the question; "What is the Architect Latin?" This is a common concern within the educational sector, construction Industry and the architectural profession. This body of work, directly investigates the workmanship, craftsmanship and material attitude of certain Architects e.g. Peter Zumthor, Steven Holl, Alvar Aalto , Herzog & De Meuron. "Poetry of craftsmanship" is a compelling and complex matter, where we gain insight from our predecessor's. Every raw material has an intrinsic and physical quality. This can be revealed and expressed to it's full potential by various techniques that our predecessor's have obtained. The epistemology of the materials, have been discovered out of workmanship of risk. The artisan, guild, and workman have play a key part in the "evolution of knowledge." It is important that the Architect continues to develop the evolution of the knowledge; to suit new contemporary materials, techniques, limitations, latent qualities, workmanship and craftsmanship.We must look through the material and craft to understand the poetry craftsmanship...


Author Claudia Trecarichi

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Poetry of Craftsmanship

in the materials used by a selection of Architects

Claudia Trecarichi

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