How paintings come alive through landscapes

by Avramovici, Cristina
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Avramovici, Cristina How paintings come alive through landscapes
Avramovici, Cristina - How paintings come alive through landscapes

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An exploration of the world of art and landscape. In the following two parts, the research and the design process I tried to presents my experience in land scape architecture in relation with art,and manly paintings.The relation between the two is underlined and the idea that landscape can be beautified by not only through the color and texture of the vegeta tion, but by intricate painting compositions, is the goal of this project. The first part the research is a journey through art and landscape history from the beginning of documented time.The last part the de sign process is the actual product of the research. I took as inspiration for the design of a small community park the art of three artists in order to create three different designs of the same plan, each design representing a different artist and its art. In order to do so they are divided in three periods: the past (Botticelli, who''s art is forever linked with Renaissance), present (Hundertwassser, a 20th century Viennese artist who''s impressive art has taken different levels) and future (my art, first an artist, my trying to be some day a complete artist).


Avramovici, Cristina

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Biography Artist:
An ARTIST with a BS in Landscape Architecture. Inspired by differe nt themes I'm takeing the natural elements and human form to another level. The form is brought to life by designs,colors, shapes and prints which create a new image in a more complexway. All these elements bring to life the idea that there is so much beauty in the world.
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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Paperback book
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15 August 2010
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0.22 x 0.15 x 0.005 m; 0.172 kg
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