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Bhut Jalakia is a wonderful gift of nature which is originated in north-east India. It is one of the hottest chillis in the world and at the same time, has a pleasant and palatable aroma. At present, it has a high demand in international market. Likewise, other economically important crops, main production constraint of Bhut Jalakia is the attack of a multitude of insect pests and mite at different crop growing stages. Nevertheless, mono-culture of crop can attract different pests rapidly in a devastating way. In such a pathetic situation, the resource poor farmers have no alternative to synthetic chemicals. Perhaps, dependence of poisonous pesticides has increased gradually over the year which inevitably leads to the resistance development by pests along with environmental pollution. Hence, a module of non chemical pest management strategy is need of the hour, besides an eco-friendly and fully pollution free tectic. Monitoring and surveillance are basic tools for effective pest management approach. Colour sticky trap may be an effective monitoring tool for pest management at early stage of pest appearance. It is pertaining to preclude the unnecessary sprays of harmful chemicals.


Author Priyakshi Buragohain

Author Dilip Kumar Saikia

Author Rudra Narayan Borkakati

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Coloured Sticky Traps against Pests of Bhut Jolokia

An Eco-friendly Pest Management Approach

Priyakshi Buragohain


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