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The book discusses the relationship between copper mining and, forest based livelihoods and forest management in the copper mining region of DR Congo and Zambia, where Gécamines and Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) are respectively operating and outlying areas located up to 200Km where timber for the copper mines is sourced. The significance of this relationship and need for further efforts to deepen the analysis and contribute to improved forest governance of mining-forestry linkages in the copper belt are outlined. Significance of mining to economies of these two countries may diminish perceived importance of any negative effects of mining on other sectors of the economy, including environment and human health. Yet by understanding these relationships, it is possible to identify opportunities for maximizing social and economic benefits of mining while minimizing the losses thus leveraging more meaningful and sustainable benefits from the sector. Copper mining contributes to GHG emissions, deforestation and forest degradation directly and indirectly through infrastructure development and the population pull of mining towns.


Author Jacob Mwitwa

Author Ambayemba Muimba-Kankolongo

Author Laura German

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GTIN 9783847301103

Language English

Pages 84

Product type Paperback

Copper Mining, Forests and Livelihoods in DR Congo and Zambia

Forest Governance, Forest-based Livelihoods and Copper Mining Linkages

Jacob Mwitwa

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