Science and Drama: Contemporary and Creative Approaches to Teaching and Learning

by Springer International Publishing
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Springer International Publishing Science and Drama: Contemporary and Creative Approaches to Teaching and Learning
Springer International Publishing - Science and Drama: Contemporary and Creative Approaches to Teaching and Learning

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This edited volume presents interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to drama and science in education. Drawing on a solid basis of research, it offers theoretical backgrounds, showcases rich examples, and provides evidence of improved student learning and engagement. The chapters explore various connections between drama and science, including: students’ ability to engage with science through drama; dramatising STEM; mutuality and inter-relativity in drama and science; dramatic play-based outdoor activities; and creating embodied, aesthetic and affective learning experiences. The book illustrates how drama education draws upon contemporary issues and their complexity, intertwining with science education in promoting scientific literacy, creativity, and empathetic understandings needed to interpret and respond to the many challenges of our times. Findings throughout the book demonstrate how lessons learned from drama and science education can remain discrete yet when brought together, contribute to deeper, more engaged and transformative student learning.

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XIV, 272 p. 31 illus., 14 illus. in color.
Table of Contents:
1. Setting the stage.- 2. Responding to climate change:  developing primary students’ capability to engage with science through drama.- 3. Using dramatic inquiry to mediate pre-service teachers’ conceptualization of sustainable development.- 4. Dramatising the S and the M in STEM.- 5. Veg-in? A Copernican shift in our dreams? Making ornaments from human parts? A small island counselling session?.- 6. Mutuality and inter-relativity in drama and science.- 7. Ice Age is approaching: Triggering students’ interest in gamified outdoor rough play activities.- 8. The role of embodied metaphor in art (drama)/science education.- 9. “This is the funniest lesson”: The production of positive emotions during role play in the middle years science classroom.- 10. Dramatic and Undramatic Emotional Energy: Creating aesthetic and emotive learning experiences in science classrooms.- 11. Exploring Contemporary and Controversial issues in Science: The question of stem cell therapies and tourism.- 12. School is everywhere: the pedagogical possibilities of imaginative scientific inquiry.- 13. Does being positioned in an expert scientist role enhance 11-13 year-old students’ perceptions of themselves as scientists?.- 14. Meaning in the Middle: Middle School Science and Drama.- 15. Stories from History.- 16. Australian Women in Science.- 17. Science, Drama and the Aesthetic.
White, Peta J;White
Raphael, Jo;Raphael
van Cuylenburg, Kitty;van Cuylenburg
Speaks to both science and drama educators

Meets the need for a better understanding of how to incorporate drama with science education

Includes concrete examples of projects that include drama pedagogy for learning in science

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Springer International Publishing
Biography Artist:
Dr. Peta J White is a science and environmental education senior lecturer at Deakin University. Peta has worked in classrooms, as a curriculum consultant and manager and as a teacher educator in several jurisdictions across Canada and Australia. Peta gained her Ph.D. in Saskatchewan, Canada, where she focused on learning to live sustainably which became a platform from which to educate future teachers. Her interest in initial teacher educator, activist environmental/sustainability and climate change  education, action-orientated methodologies, and ways to infuse school science with contemporary research science and science practice foregrounding socio-scientific drives her current teaching/research scholarship.

Dr. Jo Raphael is senior lecturer in drama education who teaches in graduate and undergraduate education courses at Deakin University. Her teaching experience spans across school, community settings, and within cultural institutions such as museums and galleries. She has wide experience in applied drama and theatre with a strong interest in drama for learning across the curriculum, particularly in the areas of science and sustainability. She is also artistic director of an inclusive community-based theatre company. She has won multiple awards for her teaching and has been awarded for her extensive contributions to her professional community. Her publications span the areas of arts curriculum and pedagogy, drama and digital technologies, teacher education, inclusive education and teaching for diversity.

Ms. Kitty van Cuylenburg is a practicing drama and science teacher based on the Bass Coast, a teacher coach for Teach For Australia and a producer of theatre in the great outdoors with In The Park Productions. In 2017, she was the recipient of the Rob Galbraith award for Excellence in Drama Teaching by Drama Victoria. Her professional background is in mine-site geology and hydrogeology; she has worked for an education startup in NYC and has a passion for interdisciplinary practice of science and drama. Kitty's recent research is focussed on how students can make meaning of their lives through this interdisciplinary practice, and how this facilitates deep learning.

1st ed. 2021
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23 November 2021
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