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The University of Aden is the first Yemeni University founded in the Republic of Yemen beside Sana University. Its emergence constitutes a true extension and a continuation of the cultural and educational traditions of the Yemeni people and a fulfillment of goals of the two September and October Revolutions.After the foundation of the College of Education in 1970 and Nasser s College for Agricultural Sciences in 1972, the basic launching point of the University of Aden, in view of fact that these two Colleges were under the jurisdiction and authority of the Minister of Education. The goals set out for their foundation were linked to the exigent need to meet, at least, a part of the requirements of development expressed by the preparation of specialists for a number of state establishments. In 1974 the College of Economics was founded. As a matter of fact, every College constitutes an administrative unit.


Editor Saul Eadweard Helias

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University of Aden

Education in Yemen,Dhamar University,Sana'a University,Lebanese International University

Saul Eadweard Helias

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