Contemporary Islamic Philosophy

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Alphascript Publishing Contemporary Islamic Philosophy
Alphascript Publishing - Contemporary Islamic Philosophy

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Contemporary Islamic philosophy refers to Islamic philosophy in the 20th century. New movements have emerged during this time due to encounters with modernity and Western philosophy. On one hand, some scholars such as Al-Afghani and Muhammad Abduh sought to find rational principles which would establish a form of thought which is both distinctively Islamic and also appropriate for life in modern scientific societies, a debate which is continuing within Islamic philosophy today. Muhammad Iqbal is one of the prominent figure of this group who provided a rather eclectic mixture of Islamic and European philosophy. On the other hand, some thinkers reacted to the phenomenon of modernity by developing Islamic fundamentalism. This resuscitated the earlier antagonism to philosophy by arguing for a return to the original principles of Islam and rejected modernity as a Western imperialist intrusion. The other group, who are more loyal to traditional Islamic philosophy, have tried to keep alive this school and use it to deal with Modernism. Allameh Tabatabaei is the most prominent figure of this group.

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