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This book is based on a research on public transportation planning and decision in developing countries, taking Addis Ababa city as a case. The research included spatial and network analysis, mode choice, service quality assessment, efficiency evaluation etc. Empirical analysis was conducted on bus users' perceptions towards public bus attributes (such as fare, convenience and frequency) and satisfaction with the service quality. Based on the analysis results, the study offered public transportation service improvement strategies with planning and decision-making models. For this, a Logical Planning Model was introduced as a tool to facilitate public transportation development policies. The application of geographical software such as ArcGIS and a multi-criteria decision making models such as Analytical Network Process, ANP and Analytic Hierarchy Process, AHP to select the best/optimal plan among the given development scenarios is discussed in the book. Also, the book addresses the issue of public transit route optimization with objective functions of minimizing route overlapping, maximizing spatial coverage and minimizing travel time.