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Determinants of traffic fatalities and injuries in Addis Ababa

A study based on binary and ordinal logistic regression models

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Road traffic accident is a collision between vehicles and animals, vehicles and pedestrians, vehicles and fixed objects or vehicles and vehicles. Road traffic deaths accounted for 23% of all injury deaths worldwide in 2002. It has also been estimated that nearly 1.2 million people, male-to-female ratio being 2.34 to 1, are killed and 20-50 million people are injured or disabled each year in road traffic accidents. On average 3,300 road users are killed and about 100,000 are injured and/or disabled each day in traffic. The main contribution of this study lies on the application of logistic regression model to identify the most contributors' to the occurrence of traffic accidents leading to human injuries and death. The output of this research will help the relevant government institutions in designing and revising appropriate techniques to minimize the occurrence of traffic accident. Besides its use in budget preparation, policy analysis and simulation exercises, the study provides the foundation for building full-fledged logistic regression model and as a basis for other researchers.


Author: Bisrat Misganaw