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Breast Cancer

Women health and quality of life

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Over the last decades, the burden of breast cancer is increasing in both developed and developing countries. It is a serious and stressful disease. Its long-term side effects influence the quality of life. In the developing countries, the majority of breast cancer patients continue to be diagnosed in late stage that led to poor outcome. It is associated with substantial medical and economic burden. The current book describes epidemiology of breast cancer, health seeking behavior, quality of life, and cost incurred in its management. This book would be useful to academicians and researchers who are interested in prevention and promotion of health of women in relation to breast cancer. This would also be helpful to policy makers and health managers engaged in cancer prevention activities. Students of medicine, gynecology, surgery, midwifery and nursing science would be benefited from this book particularly in understanding of how women's health and quality of life can be improved through early seeking behavior for management of breast cancer.