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National Solidarity (Greece)


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National Solidarity (Greek: , abbreviated E.A.) was the social welfare organization of the EAM resistance movement in occupied Greece during World War II. The decision to establish a resistance organization was taken by Pantelis Karagitsis, Lefteris Apostolou and Aristotelis Bouras, who had just escaped from the internal exile imposed by the pre-war Metaxas Regime. National Solidarity was thus founded on 28 May 1941, barely a month into the Occupation, in a park behind the Soteria hospital. As such, it has the distinction of being the first nation-wide resistance group to have been established in Greece. Its founding members were: Kleon Papaloizos, who was also elected its secretary, Vasileios Markezinis, Dionysia Papadomichelaki, Nikos Dresios, Georgios Vasilopoulos and Spyros Antypas.


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