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Health & Safety

Theory and Practice in the Oil and Gas Sector

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This book draws on the theories, research and practice in occupational health psychology to provide a useful compass for understanding health and safety issues in general and in the oil and gas sector in particular. This book provides vital background information for both local and foreign practitioners interested in the management of health and safety in the oil and gas sector in Ghana. Key topics covered include: health & safety in oil and gas, cost of industrial accident, safety behaviour, theories of accident causation, risk perception, safety climate, hazards management, behaviour-based safety approach, occupational injuries, diseases, and psychological wellbeing on oil rigs, as well as safety laws in Ghana. This book, therefore, is an excellent text for students studying industrial/organizational psychology, occupational health psychology, occupational safety and health, accident and safety at work, oil and gas management in departments of Psychology, HRM, and Industrial Engineering as well as schools of Public Health.


Author: Seth Oppong