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Roger Caron

Cornwall, Ontario

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Roger "Mad Dog" Caron (born April 12, 1938 in Cornwall, Ontario) is a Canadian bank robber and the author of the influential 1978 prison memoir Go-Boy! Memories of a Life Behind Bars. At the time of publishing, Caron was thirty-nine years old and had spent twenty-three years in prison. Roger Caron was born to extremely wealthy parents Donat and Yvonne in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada in 1938. During his first weeks of infancy Caron couldn't keep food down and was constantly gasping for breath, which subsequently led him to being rushed to the local hospital on a few occasions. Though no definitive diagnosis was given for his breathlessness, Caron grew up "very edgy about anything affecting [his] breathing." To this day he cannot swim or hold his head under a shower for too long because of it. Caron was a quiet and secretive child who liked to keep to himself and pass the time by taking apart clocks.


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