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Roger Boas

Stanford University

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John Roger Boas is a San Francisco businessman and politician, long prominent in the Democratic Party in northern California. Boas was born August 21, 1921, in San Francisco, California, the son of Benjamin Boas, a finance company executive of German descent, and Larie Kline Boas. He attended public schools in San Francisco and graduated from Stanford University. He served in Europe during World War II and was awarded the Bronze Star and Silver Star. He went into business in 1945, eventually owning a successful San Francisco car dealership. In 1958, together with future Mayor and US Senator Dianne Feinstein and Ronald Pelosi (brother-in-law of Nancy Pelosi, now Speaker of the House of Representatives, and uncle of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom), Boas was a key figure in the 1958 campaign that elected Clair Engle to the US Senate.


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