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Lord, Teach us to Pray: Prayer and Catechism

Importance of Prayer in Imparting Faith Formation to the Young People

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In this book, one finds the intersection of the theology of Christian spirituality and of catechesis. In it, biblical fundamentals are unfolded, the praxis of Jesus Christ and of the Early Church is elucidated and the Christian understanding of prayer is presented in a systematic theological fashion. The Church has three dimensions: ad-extra or missionary (the church and the world), ad-inter or inter-ecclesial (the church and other churches) and ad-intra or Catechetical (the church and her members). Father Davis focuses on the ad-intra dimension, namely catechetical dimension of the church. Is prayer an outmoded commodity? Is prayer really powerful? Does God hear our prayer? How is prayer related to imparting faith into the new generation especially in the context of 21st century's "civil religion," and "Dictatorship of Relativism?"